Mazura: specialists in cross-border payroll, contracting and tax advice

Mazura was established to solve a single issue: to help organisations and individuals who wish to operate within the Netherlands.  

Becoming their ‘virtual financial administration department’, Mazura solves all of the payroll, tax and back-office issues which can otherwise be so time-consuming.

Experience and expertise

Our business is based on solid experience – over a decade of providing cross-border tax advice, payroll and contracting support services, helping businesses, recruitment companies and independent contractors to establish and grow a presence in the Netherlands.

Qualified tax advice

Our services are provided by certified tax consultants with over ten years’ experience helping individuals, corporate organisations and recruitment/contracting companies with tax advice, immigration laws, contract management, project management and payroll solutions.

Helping to lighten the load

By managing the administrative workload, we enable people to focus on their own specialist roles, rather than spend time weighed down by potentially complex financial administration.



Ensuring continuity

In today’s market place it can be difficult to find the right professional. Mazura provides added value by supplying  advice and specialists where the need arises. We offer flexibility to our clients and contractors, by building bridges between education and demands in the work place.

NEN Certification

Mazura has been NEN-certified for a number of years and has an outstanding track record with the Labour Standards Register.

This offers client companies the sought-after security and reassurance when engaging temporary workers through our payroll solution.

When used in combination with the G-account, the risk mitigation for the client is even higher (read more about the use of the G-account in one of our White Papers)

Our NEN certificate can be requested at all times via https://www.normeringarbeid.nl/