Specialist tax advice for those who are living and working in different EU countries.

Tax is complicated enough when you’re living and working in just one country.  When you live and work in multiple countries then it can quickly become a confusing nightmare.

Cross-border tax advice for contractors

This is where Mazura can help. We provide a personalised, specialist tax advice service aimed primarily at contractors who are working cross-border – especially those working in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Mobility is often a key part of contracting, so complex tax situations can be hard to avoid. Since everyone’s work pattern is different, with assignments of different durations and locations, it’s important that each contractor’s circumstances are examined under their own merits.

Help at every stage

We can help contractors (or organisations which engage contractors) with every aspect of cross-border/expatriate tax – including planning, registration and compliance. We can also provide help at the end of an assignment, when tax affairs need to be concluded. And working in a different country doesn’t just raise tax issues – we help with other considerations such as social security, allowances for expatriates, insurance, pensions and more.

How we can help

  • A fully personalised service, not generic advice
  • Deep knowledge of international tax, especially within the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
  • All advice is provided by certified tax consultants, who are experienced in specialised cross-border tax
  • Help with international tax returns
  • Help with 30%-ruling challenges
  • Help for sole traders and those trading as their own limited company
  • Tax advice and financial administration
  • Independent tax advice for those seeking a second opinion