18 FEB 2019

Law of Employment of Posted Workers in the EU, revisited

WagwEU, Law of Employment of Posted Workers in the European Union, revisited


In August 2016 we have written a short article about this new legislation aiming to protect workers who are stationed temporarily in another European country, see article “The Law of employment of posted workers in the European Union (WagwEU) entered into force on June 18, 2016”, dated 29.08.2016


Although the legislation was passed in 2016 and compliance with a number of requirements has been mandatory since the introduction, the government had not provided a notification tool to comply with the last requirement of reporting each new worker posted in the Netherlands.

This notification tool and obligation to report is expected to be implemented as of 1st April 2019.

Foreign companies seconding temporary workers to the Netherlands would be expected to comply with the obligation to report each new temporary worker and the Dutch end client (recipient of the work) to check the report for accuracy before the commencement of work.

The legislation also applies to self-employed individuals from abroad working in the Netherlands. Their activity is classified as cross-border services and will therefore have to comply with the obligation to report their assignments.

The authorities will use this notification tool as one of the means to combat bogus self-employment.